About Life Works Wellness

Life Works LLC is a new program developed in response to multiple requests from referral sources, professionals, alumni, and alumni’s family and friends who experienced our integrated approach either while visiting or attending Healing Springs Ranch or attending one of our professional workshops or speaking engagements.

As a result, Life Works created a series of “hybrid” intensives, training programs, and workshops, that offer our integrative model.

Our objectives are the following; (1.) To provide education and training regarding the mind/body continuum and the causes of emotional, physical, and spiritual dissociation and dysregulation.  (2.) To provide mindfulness experiences and practice stress management techniques for neurological, chemical and physiological integration and self-regulation.  (3.) To create a personal mission statement that identifies your purpose and life calling in relationship to self and others.

Currently, we are offering four intensives over 4 days (Thursday- Sunday) you can choose from.

Our goal is to create a retreat-like atmosphere, free from distractions, conducive for self-discovery, awareness, reflection, and practice.

Our mission is to help empower you by utilizing our proactive model to become aware of, work through, and even at times reverse troubling symptoms or diagnoses that prevent you from reaching your full potential.

Our Model

The model utilizes a twofold approach.

The first is PREVENTION; by interrupting unhealthy cycles through education, awareness, skill-building, and coaching to prevent unhealthy patterns from locking into chronic conditions and illnesses.

The second is REPAIR; by lessoning, and sometimes even reversing, presenting symptoms to improve quality of life and functioning mind/body integration.

While we strongly believe that this paradigm shift must start at the individual level, we also recognize the power of community awareness in creating a healthier and more integrated culture in the workplace, businesses, churches, and schools, etc.

Our Model offers multiple options to assist you, workshops, intensives, and certifications.  Each of these will contain a combination of education, experiential activities, skill-building exercises, and group discussion.